compile c++ codes using Visual C++ Build Tools from the command prompt

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Introducing the Visual Studio Build Tools

“If you have installed Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 on Windows 10, open the Start menu and choose All apps. Scroll down and open the Visual C++ Build Tools folder. Choose Visual C++ 2015 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt to open the command prompt window.”

1) for single file source file

cl -> gcc , but the command options is different,

cl /EHsc hello.cpp

2) for a small project, CMake is recommended,

it is handy to write one from example CMakeLists.txt online.

In your source code folder: md build && cd build && cmake ..

then using nmake instead of make

3) for exsitent vs solution using msbuild:

compile visual studio solution/project designed by VS IDE, no corresponding command on Linux.

search “MSBuild Command-Line Reference”

In the near future, other light weight IDE might support detecting “Visual Studio Build Tools”, e.g QtCreator

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