Evaluation of OpenFOAM on bash on Ubuntu on windows 10

## installation

After Anniversary Build (2016 Aug) for x65 windows 10, it is possible to evaluate this beta feature in developer mode without upgrade to claimed unstable insider version.

see detailed tutorial:

To install ubuntu on windows 10 from power shell prompt:

`Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux`

## overview
In addition to apt-get, some other tool are there like python2, and python3, gcc4.9, perl5. dbus, systemd
Xwindows has been explored by geeks, but it is not stable/usable to run GUI app.

After fireup bash, the current path is `/mnt/c/Windwos/System32` . It is better to “cd /mnt/c//Documents/” at the end of `.bashrc`, not mess up system folder and for better locate file generated by bash commands.

## look around

– `dpkg -l` to see installed package, while not sure snap pkg will be supported.
– `sudo apt-get update` To update the repo, it will show trusty repo info
– `ls /dev/`
– `ls /usr/include/`, almost empty
– `lsb_release -a` shows it is 14.04.4
– `uname -a`
> Linux DESKTOP-DELL15 3.4.0+ #1 PREEMPT Thu Aug 1 17:06:05 CST 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

## test POSIX API

It may be used to easily run software previously POSIX only program on windows.
`apt-get install gcc` will install gcc 4.8 and *linux-libc-dev*

`ls /usr/include/` will give `unistd.h`

## install OpenFOAM

see instruction:

two versions are available for ubuntu 14.04

OpenMPI may not work; ParaView is definetly not working.

`apt-get install openfoam30`, then `apt-get remove openfoam30` (leave dependent pkg remained.)
install openfoam4 by force, will not install all paraview related tons of new packages.
apt-get download openfoam4
dpkg –force-all -i openfoam4
force remove this pkg can fix error message each time

## Run OpenFOAM solver

mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN
cd $FOAM_RUN/tutorials

/OpenFOAM/qingfeng-4.0/incompressible/simpleFoam/windAroundBuildings$ ./Allrun
Running surfaceFeatureExtract on /home/qingfeng/OpenFOAM/qingfeng-4.0/incompressible/simpleFoam/windAroundBuildings
Running blockMesh on /home/qingfeng/OpenFOAM/qingfeng-4.0/incompressible/simpleFoam/windAroundBuildings
Running snappyHexMesh on /home/qingfeng/OpenFOAM/qingfeng-4.0/incompressible/simpleFoam/windAroundBuildings
Running simpleFoam on /home/qingfeng/OpenFOAM/qingfeng-4.0/incompressible/simpleFoam/windAroundBuildings

## Feature wanted

– right click to open bash, just as cmd prompt, or git-bash

## upgrade to ubuntu 16.04
upgrade to ubuntu 16.04 is planned by official support

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
do-release-upgrade -f DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive -d

`lxrun.exe` is used to manage WSL. This command can be used to install or uninstall the Ubuntu image.

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