Toshiba L650 laptop disassembling

I got a 5 year old laptop, it does not boot, no screen show, no beeping. So I need to disassemble and check.
Generally, this laptop is easy to repalce harddisk or memory on the back.  And the dissabling is straight forwards.

 QQ图片20160529094141QQ图片20160529094151taking off keyboard is easy, there is a plastic  cover of 6mm X 35mm. 4 more screws hidden below .  after unpluging power on, sound box,  touch pad and keyboard cables, mother board is revealed.  To see the CPU and video card, mother board should be flipped up.
QQ图片20160529094207It is found CPU got hot even there is no screen reaction, fan is working. Then it is probably not the power unit misfunction, but video system.
I can just leave it, maybe sell the power supply unit and memory 4G.
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