Using paraview to visualise vorticity (Lambda2, vorticity, Q-Criterion)

copyright (C) qingfeng Xia 2011-2020 CC-BY-NC 4.0

Please download the word document, which contains the details on setting up the Python Calculator filter to calc lambda2, and use the advanced option of ‘Gradient’ filter to calculate vorticity, Q-Criterion.

This code is not tested, some user has already report error, please use it as a starting point in your application.

Using Paraview to visualise vortex by lambda2



eigenvalue(strain(Velocity)**2 + (Gradients – strain(Velocity)**)2)

it should be

eigenvalue(strain(Velocity)**2 + (Gradients – strain(Velocity))**2)

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Author: Qingfeng XIA
copyright (C) 2011-2020
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