Solve CFD via OpenFOAM in free CAx platform FreeCAD

copyright (C) 2011-2017

Updated 2016-04-17

Boundary condition setup GUI has been done for preview

This is an early preview, only for people with experience of OpenFoam.
Test instruction could be found at … /

I would love to see some feedback for stage III development, see roadmap: …

A video preview of OpenFoam plugin for FreeCAD Fem workbench … engXIA.mp4

The discussion of this module on FreeCAD community can be found here:

Original 2016-01-24

Recently, I have been developing a module for FreeCAD, to solve CFD problem in FreeCAD graphical user interface.

the source code can be found at :


BSD documentation licensed Free for non-commercial usage only
Author: Qingfeng XIA
copyright (C) 2011-2017
please keep the original link in your reference.
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