Using matplotlib to plot NI DAQmx data file (big data)

copyright (C) 2011-2017

Due to the recent research requirement, I need to replot and analysis signal of high sampling rate (several mega samples per seconds) with PCIe card.

I planned to use numpy and matplotlib to plot, but I was a bit worried on the capability of using npTDMS and matplotlib to processing big data (100MB to 1GB, but big data in modern sense)

A quick test shows it works (to draw array of several mega samples), seems not worse than NI AIdem for visualization, all subject to serious delay during zooming in. However, the loading is much slower,  as npTDMS is pure python, not C API implemented.

And the program just consume as little memory as it is on disk size.

matplotlib plot big datareversesync_knocking__20140627142728_example_better

The trick is I segment the DAQ data into different group according to DAQ time, so the reading and plotting is only operating on data segment (group, or channel in TDMS)





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Author: Qingfeng XIA
copyright (C) 2011-2017
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