Four wheel car robot based on Arduino Mega2560 and Raspberry Pi

git clone

Datasheets (most of them in Chinedse) for robot parts makes the git size big


Recently, I have been working on Arduino 2/4 wheel car robot in my spare time.

===============design goals==================

Robot car composing 4 DCMotors, Senors, ServoArm, BlueTooth remote control

Phase 1:
(1)   two/four wheel driving car steering,
There is no designated positive or negative pole for DC motor,  swapping pin1 and pin2 can made motor rotate reversely

Phase 2:
(2) sensors:  using  PID for sensor fusion ,
a)  altrasound range sensors included
b)  acceleration or angle speed
c) Infrared receiver
(3) Control by Infrared remote or PC control via bluetooth

Phase 3:
(4)  usb Camera supervision using Raspberry Pi usb wifi
(5) voice command recogniation by raspberry Pi connected to internet

======Phase one:  High level wheel car steering (DCMotor.h  Car.h)===========

Video demo here for motor control and car manipulation only  (motor controlled by L298N.h)       (car movement test)         (bluetooth remote control)

I have written C++ style class:  DCMotor.h(motor controller class for L298N) and Car.h(2 wheel front drive mode) on Arduino mega 2560.

I will publish the code later after testing, it is purely my personal work at weekend, so I can decide to open source.

=========phase two:  (sensor integration and remote control)==============


arduino source code for motor control

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