install python opencv prebuilt for windows 7 64bit

copyright (C) 2011-2017

compiling from soruce is hard, but it can be easy if you just want to link to it

1  download OpenCV2.x.y.exe:  from sourceforge   work for  2.3 and 2.4

2  run  OpenCV2.x.y.exe will extract to a path you specify, then
copy pathTo\OpenCV2.x.y\build\python\2.7    to  pathto\Python27\Lib\site-packages
I am surprising  that there is  only  one file:  cv2.pyd (9MB),
but it is enough without to set  other dlls in path

(no need to append PATH to run python-opencv)

3 install numpy is you have not got it!  install numpy-1.6.2-win32-superpack-python2.7

4 pathTo\OpenCV2.x.y\opencv\samples\python, if it works, you are ready!
has x86/x64 building, and for each building it has  mingw/vc9/vc10  version,  quite big 3Gb

you got CUDA modules installed, but not OpenCL !

=============== development by C++=======================
how to set path for openCV C++ compilation
C++ header and lib path is troubling,
2012-10-22 try OpenCV bundled with CodeBlocks

BSD documentation licensed Free for non-commercial usage only
Author: Qingfeng XIA
copyright (C) 2011-2017
please keep the original link in your reference.
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