kids poker game: twenty-four with python solver

Game twenty-four point: practice kids’ mental arithmetic capability


two/four players, who show two/onecards simultanously,
try to make 3 arithmetic operations ( only four integer operaton+ – * / )
based on the four cards with number (1-10, J Q K are regarded as one) only once to get 24
who give the solution first, will win all four cards back. (no solution is also a result)
Finally, the player with most cards win!

4 7 A 5 -> 4*7-5+1=24

why 24 is chosen? 1*2*3*4=24, 24 has the most dividers!

this python script will try to search solution,
but total cards counts and final result(24 in this game) is parameterized,
it could extended to 5 cards to get 120, but f() need to be rewritten!

currently tested only with python 2.x, uisng 2to3 should make it work with python 3.x

Author: Qingfeng Xia
Lisense : BSD 4 clause

from itertools import combinations, product,permutations

N=4 # count of cards
op=[‘+’,’-‘,’*’,’/’] #since the calculation is done by float , no need to use //
d=[float(i) for i in range(1,10)]

def f(tp,top,M,expr=False):
“””this function will evaluate one digits and arithmetic organization,
Valid only for N=4
#e1='(({0[0]}{1[0]}{0[1]}){1[1]}{0[2]}){1[2]}{0[3]}=={2}’.format(tp,top,M) #not necessary for permutation
#print e2
if expr:
#if eval(e1): r.append(e1)
if eval(e2): r.append(e2)
return r
#return eval(e1) or eval(e2)
return eval(e2)

def test_expr(td,M=24):
“”” print possible solution for td: tuple of four card point
int division is hard to test for a%b==0, so change to float division
dlist=[float(d) for d in td]
for tp in permutations(dlist): #each card is used once
for top in product(op,repeat=N-1): #using product
l+= f(tp,top,M,True)
if len(l)==0:
print td,’this number tuple can not make’,M
return []
return l

def test():
print test_expr(tp,24)
print f(tp,top,24)
print float(2)
print 5.0/3
#print product(op,repeat=N-1)
print ‘End of test’

def findnosolutiontuple():
for td in combinations(d,N):
for tp in permutations(td):
l.append( any([f(tp,top,M) for top in product(op,repeat=N-1) ] ) )
if not any(l):
print ‘this number tuple can not make 24’,td

if __name__ == “__main__” :

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