Comparison of scientific Plotting softwares


Author Qingfeng Xia 2012
Copyright:  Text of Creative Commons Attribution(as of Wikipedia)

Scientific plot software are compared,
LibreOffice or SciDavis is recommended for users who needs a free GUI.
Python+matplotlib is recommended for advanced users;
Origin is the most professional with GUI.

(1) Origin
Pro: professional level, full-ledged, with statistics function
Con: not free, not sure if there is free evaluation version

(2) Origin-like software, QtiPlot derived
QtiPlot is not free; Labplot is Linux only!
SciDavis  is cross-platform, a fork from QtiPlot, python scriptable

Pro: SciDavis  is free under GPLv2, without any restriction
Con: SciDavis and  Labplot stop at the early development stage; less functions than origin.

(3) script byMatlab, pyLab(matplotlib), gnuplot
Pro: good for bath processing, tight integration with data generation codes in matlab or python
Con: need programming experience

(4) Office Excel or LibreOffice
Pro:  widely available, good for report generation,
Con: Mouse drag edit is not supported, not for high quality plot

(5) Paraview or other FEA and CFD post-processing visualization
Pro:  very impressived 2D drawing in 3D view
Con: complicated, only domain user will use such software

————————-Introduction of SciDAVis—————————-

SciDAVis is similar in its field of application to proprietary Windows
applications like Origin and SigmaPlot as well as free applications like
QtiPlot, Labplot and Gnuplot.

At some time in 2008, the developer teams of
LabPlot and SciDAVis found their project goals to be very similar
(and since LabPlot 2.x is based on the same library as SciDAVis, i.e., Qt4.x)
decided to start a close cooperation.
The current plans are to use a common backend with two frontends,
one with full KDE4 integration (called LabPlot 2.x) and
one with no KDE depenencies (pure Qt so to say) for easier cross-platform use (called SciDAVis).

SciDAVis has been started as a fork off of QtiPlot , but it is free of charge with a GPL license

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