python to solve math problems on


1) Why I solve problems on projecteuler

2) Why I choose python?

Built- in support:  BigInt Decimal  Set Permutations and Combinations Compact coding:   one line to solve some problems in python, for most of problems below 100, less than 50 lines are enough to solve

3) What I have done?:

I prepared some utility class to accelerate computation                    #lcm gcd             # generate list for circular number, pandigital, etc       # template for test-driven programming
4) Procedure:  as shown in
Firstly, try bruteforce, which is logically evidently and intuitive;  Then, test it by the example data given by problem description. After that, try to solve the problem, if it does not give you an answer in 3 minutes. Try some smarter approaches.

5) The source codes are provided for problems I solved:

but it is recommended that you try your thought and code first.
If your code does not work, have a look of my code or search the intermet.  In my case, I will never search codes to solve problems before I try my best.

source codes download link:     Licensed under BSD license


This post and source code will be updated time by time

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