Enable Bluetooth on Sony Vaio windows 7

The sony laptop comes with bluetooth, but  I disable it for the sake of safety.

When I got a new nokia mobile with bluetooth,  I can not switch on it anymore.

It does not show on Device manager,  nor in “Sony control center”. However, bluetooth really exist, since I can use it in Ubuntu.

After huge effect, I find it can be turn on by VAIO smart network.  Which does not show up in system tray.

Solution:   services.msc  enable 2 blue tooth service, and most important:

VSNService  (VAIO smart network)  So you can see it in tray.

Double click it,  you will get the soft switch of bluetooth.  –> get connected all done

Share with friends who got similar problems:  Can not find blue tooth on the sony vaio  Windows 7.

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