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Presented by Qingfeng Xia
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  • University of Manchester
    2007.10-2012.2 PhD Aerospace Engineering
    Sponsored by: UK Overseas Research Scholarship (3 years’ tuition fee + stipends)
    Output: 8 journal papers + 2 Open source software (Flowviz, openCL for OpenFOAM)
  • Xi'an Jiaoting University
    2004.9-2007.5 ME, Power Manchinery
  • Xi'an Jiaoting University
    2000.9-2004.7 BE, Thermal Engineering

Working Experience

Timeline 2000-2014
  1. RA at Rolls-royce UTC/Oxford ThermoFluids Institute, University of Oxford, Dec. 2014-Present
  2. RA at Turbo-Machinery Group, University of glasgow, Dec. 2013-Dec.2014
  3. RA at EEE University of Strathclyde , June 2012-Nov.2013
  4. Parttime TA and RA, University of Manchester, Oct. 2009-May 2012
  5. Thermal Engineer, Honywell RD Centre, China, June 2007-Oct. 2012
Personal website:

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Personal Information

Name: Qingfeng Xia
Personal Email: University Email: search my name in the university, you will find it

Persoanl Website:
LinkedIn profile: qingfeng-xia

Overview of Research Skills

  • Turbo machinery, Multi-phase flow, Flow control, Tribology
  • CFD: Fluent, OpenFoam
  • FEM: Ansys, Fenics
  • Thermal system modeling, Simulink
  • Image processing, Flow visualization, FreeCAD
  • Machine learning, Big Data analysis, Database
  • Sensor and Instrumentation, Control and automation,
  • Condition monitoring, Structural health monitoring,
  • Wireless Sensor Network (Zigbee/bluetooth)
  • General programming, RTOS, Robotics, Embedded programming

Research at University of Manchester:

PhD Thesis:
Experimental study of active liquid mixing in laminar regime

Sponsored by: UK Overseas Research Scholarship
Output: 8 journal papers + 2 Open source software

Synthetic jet vs Continous jet

Synthetic jet has similar flow perturbation effect at Re about 2000 Ref: A comparison between synthetic jets and continuous jets. BL. Smith, 2003

Applicatio of synthetic jet to BL, heat and mass transfer

Smart mixer enabled by lateral synthetic jet pair


Flow visualization toolbox for PLIF, PIV, PSP, BOS

Self built PIV/PLIF system with continuous laser

openCL plugin for Openfoam developed in 2011

Research at University of Strathclyde

Developed the advantageous condition monitoring solution for the off-shore 7 MW wind turbine system

  • Structural Inspection Robot,
  • Patentable research on strain gauges sensors
  • Wind turbine drivetrain condition minitoring
  • Developed web-based online structural health monitoring
  • Developed wireless DAQ module and wireless charging

Developed web-based online structural health monitoring

Research at University of Glasgow

  • Lubrication oil online analysis
  • SKF smart Bearing condition minitoring system
  • Structural health monitoring for wind turbine
  • Wireless power transfer for wireless sensor network of Turbo-Machinery

Wireless power transfer fot WSN

Research with Rolls-Royce Plc at University of Oxford

There is not much I can show until my journal papers are published

Here is some of my indepdent research

  • Tribology for aero-engine
  • reduced-order thermal modelling
  • blade cooling
  • strain shunt to measure large dynamic strain, multi-axis dynamic gap measurement

Overview of Programming Skills

My open source software projects

Source hosted at Github and sourceforge

Arduino robot car with remote control

Mechanical engineering design

  • Teach Solidworks
  • Contributor to FreeCAD open source project
  • data visualization using paraview

Automated Engineering design pipeline

python VTK and ParaView programming (my original code)

always ready to learn